Thoughts about the "Science Ninja Team Gatchaman"
By Isao Sasaki


Is it really nine years ago, that the first part of Gatchaman was broadcasted? For me, this is an unforgettable production.

I think it's a wonderful production in which Tatsuo Yoshida's ideas are expressed everywhere, in the words of the text, and in the details of the pictures.

In the beginning of Gatchaman, five members, each hiding his own grief in their heart, continue to fight for peace under the orders of Dr. Nambu. Throughout this battle, the story revolves around the parents and their children, around love, around friendship, around peace.. around many different things.

When Ken finally finds the father he has searched for such a long time, it turns into the eternal separation.

Joe is taught the futility of revenge by a friend, learns the true meaning of their fight and invades the enemy base. However, this turns into the goodbye from his friends.

The evil tears apart friends, parents and children. "This evil lies also hidden in your heart" are the final words of Dr. Nambu.

This production does not glorify death. Death is described as a sacrifice for future life. Fighting is not glorified either. The grief of fighting is described.

I am happy that this is a production which is not part of the agitation of mass media and that is truly loved by its fans. I think this is because when the discussion came to how to the broadcasting, and how to do the merchandising, the only wish was that the series appealed to the heart, that it left something in the heart. I think the other reason was that the series was not made only for children.

For me personally, Gatchaman was the first fighting anime. Further in the future, it was also the occasion to sing various signature tunes, and on top of that it even influenced my life decisively when I met Dr. Pandora. I wish that Gatchaman will always remain in everybody's hearts.