OAV Novel 1 "Firebird, Fly!": Prolog
The Uninvited Person

By Hideki Kakinuma

It approaches, having endured a long time of solitude -- on the order of several thousand years -- crossing one darkness to enter another.

It heads for the target, the center of a complicated star system, and proceeds in straight line.

A light-emitting pillar.. no, it is light by itself.

With nothing to compare it to in the empty space, its size cannot be guessed.

The golden light emitted from its body drives it on, and at the same time scanning the surrounding stars.

When "HE" compares this with the memorized star maps, "HE" knows that his target is near.

Passing by a fixed star, "HE" approaches the final point of his voyage on a cone-shaped course.

It is a small star.

While analyzing the gravity and components of the air, "HE" descends very carefully towards the surface.

A light of ray flies towards the towering mountains.

On the surface, mighty blizzards are blowing, and what seems to be a continent is completely encased in ice.

But this is not the normal condition for this planet.

"HE" determines that the cause is a temporary drop in temperature, due to the periodical shifting of the planet's axis.

As soon as "HE" has buried himself deeply in an ice wall, "HE" starts with his first task.

Letting several sensors work, "HE" waits to see how the environment develops.

On this planet, there's nobody to either greet this newcomer with enthusiasm or to shiver in respectful fear.

Only a few herds of animals are there, capturing other animals for food, but only to survive.

They dwell deep on the sea floor, or within frozen caves, spending day after the day simply surviving.

While investigating the countless herds with their many members, one race soon catches "HIS" eye.

They have a way of living that is just a bit different from most of the other living beings.

They have a paltry body, without a thick fur to withstand the cold, and without mighty fangs. One would not think that they could stand the fight for survival for very long.

But instead they fling on the furs of animals they have caught for food, they use the sharpened points of stone and wood as weapons. They gather with friends and go hunting, gaining their daily food.

The brain also develops differently than the other animals.

With sharp analytical capabilities, "HE" recognizes that this race will one day be at the top of the order of living beings on this planet.

But "HE" does not feel like waiting for such a long time for this to finally happen.

One day, when more than ten people have left for hunting, "HE" chooses eight among the countless ones waiting for hunters' return, and brings them to his ice castle.

Giving their brain orders and bringing them to a thinking condition is not a difficult task at all.

Then, a few days later, the bodies of those eight people are within the ice wall.

They were not people who meet all of "HIS" requirements.

Repeating this a mere ten times, "HE" has chosen some human candidates and begins the second task.

Their living bodies are composed of countless cells. In order to pass the characteristics to their children, they possess a code dependent on the arrangement of base pairs.

Early one day, "HE" gets involved with this race. As long as "HE" is their master, they are to reach the level where they can pay tribute to the "Powerful Race".

A picture is formed, and they learn while dreaming how to convert it into reality. The orders from their brains is safely transmitted to their thin fingers, and they learn how to manufacture things they desire.

Soon they produce the necessary goods in the necessary form. It will be necessary to promote them this way until they are at a level from which they can send a spaceship, one capable of flying faster than light, into space.

In this fixed star system, never before touched, there are plenty of energy and mineral resources.

If other beings with the proper characteristics living here soon join the production, perhaps they can be turned into additional troops to fight in the forefront of the "Powerful Race".

"HE" plans the future in his shining brain.

When it's time to realize some of the plans, "HE" senses a slight dizziness.

A bit of time to heal the exhaustion from the long journey in space is necessary.

But due to the planet's present condition, the required energy from the fixed star cannot be obtained at this moment. A thick layer of clouds impedes that.

For "HIS" thinking, this castle of ice is quite a comfortable place.

"HE" decides to sleep for a while.

When "HE" will open his eyes again, they may not have developped according to his expectations. Or they may have developed to a level beyond his expectations. If this happens, they might have succeeded in producing means of transportation to other heavenly bodies.. satellites, for example.

Before going to sleep, "HE" begins his last task.

Since "HE" became involved, a few generations have been bred. "HE" choses three indivduals among them, and lets various data stream into their brains.

This data takes the form of light for the eyes, sound waves for the ears, and electrical waves sent directly into the brain.

"HE" wishes to have servants, to work as his hands and feet when he wakes up.

After he few months, "HE"judges that one of the chosen ones is not fit.

The memory is good, but he is lacking in obedience.

Before the other two humans, "HE" shows them how "HE" executes that one human.

When "HE" strikes him with a plasma whip, everything is turned to black ash.

From this point forward, the remaining two know "HIS" menace, and become absolutely obedient.

Just before going to sleep, he judges that the remaining two humans have passed his testing.

One is a man, the other is a woman.

The two-person theory for reproduction and the selection of characteristics is not necesssary for "HIS" servants.

At that same time, "HE" removes also the cell cleavage, which happens with the speed of a few million times every second, the aging system, as well as the heart to love his/her brethren.

"HE" removes all such seemingly unnecessary things.

"HE" puts the two together as one body.

This way, "HE" has gained a willing servant. Together with this servant, "HE" goes to sleep in the middle of the ice wall.

For "HIM", the sleep until the weather clears lasts only a short time.

"HE" dreams of of the time when he will awaken and can gather the harvest.