GatchaCon 2000

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Well, the GatchaCon 2000 is history. Unfortunately, I might add, I spent some of the best days in my life. Here are the memories, in the form of photos.

Just click on a small picture to get a bigger one.

Ayako and Atsuko present their T-Shirt, first the back (saying I survived a Galactor plot)..

.. and then the front! Ayako had Joe pic saying "Let me hit THE red button", while Atsuko's Ken said "Dare not mess with me"

The Gatchaman Flag!

Wendy got herself a Joe cel from the first series!

Joe peeking over Wendy's shoulder.

Lunch under the sails of the Convention Center.

Lew and Bobbi got themselves some Zark cels - and Bobbi brought her license plate!

Lunch scene again. From left to right: Jen, Lew, Bobbi and Julie

Bobbi and Allison with a Gatchaman poster they found in the dealer's room

Wendy, Jen and Sarah chatting

Ayako did some fantastic cosplay!

Then she teamed up with Atsuko for a double Jun!

Jun again with her yoyo

Katharine presents the Gatchaman flag

Groups shot on Saturday!

Jason in bliss - surrounded by two (!) Juns

A trader tries to sell some Gatch goodies (from left to right: Atsuko, Jason, trader, James)

Of course, Saint James was there as well!

Heycat and Heather smiling, Rob in the background seems to have less fun

Lew, Mother Hen (Julie's mother) and Julie during lunch

Julie, Allison, Heather, Bobbi and Lew at Jason's house

Heather, Allison, Bobbi and Lew still at Jason's house